Friday, March 16, 2012

Kool-Aid Popcorn

This is a fun Recipe I found on Pinterest.  Great for any holiday, making a fun, colorful addition to your table.

Kool-Aid Popcorn

Candy popcorn flavored with Kool-Aid. Great for football parties when you make it in team colors.

Preparation Instructions

Preheat oven to 225 F.
Boil sugar, syrup and butter/margarine together for 3 minutes.
On a large shallow ungreased baking dish, spread out popped popcorn.
In a separate bowl, combine the Kool-Aid with the baking soda.
Remove sugar syrup from the stove and carefully stir in the Kool-Aid mixture. (Note: This will make the sugar mixture puff up. Be careful to not get burned.)
Now take sugar mixture and pour it over the popped popcorn. Carefully mix all till combined.
Place it in the oven and stir every 10 minutes. Repeat this 3 more times.
Take popcorn out of the oven and when it starts to cool, break it apart into pieces.

* Instead of Kool-Aid, you could substitute flavored oils and food coloring, making any kind of combination imaginable.

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