Friday, May 11, 2012

Schnucks Schnupon Reddi Wip 5/11

Schnucks now has mobile coupons!!! They are valid at Schnucks, Culinaria, Logli or Hilander stores.

You can receive Schnupons by texting the word “Schnucks” to the number 223344. Shortly, you will receive a text message with an introduction to the program congratulating you on opting into our program. At any time you can text “STOP” to opt out.

How It Works:
Once you’re in, you will automatically receive your valuable Schnupons. Schnupons are redeemable at all Schnucks, Logli and Hilander locations. As with our Drive Time Specials, simply show your phone to the checker, so they can obtain the Schnupon Code, and receive your Schnupon savings. That’s all you do.

By participating in Schnucks mobile texting, which includes the Schnupons program, you may receive important promotional, informational or marketing messages concerning special events, products or service, including coupons.

$1 off Reddi Sip 13oz can Original Whipped Cream.  Limit 2. Valid 5/11/12 ONLY.

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