Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Simple Tuna Salad

I love a quick and yummy lunch.  Tuna Salad on soft bread, toasted up with some cheese, ya, that fits the bill.  This is a family recipe that I'm sure you can whip up in a snap

Tuna Salad
1 pouch or can of tuna packed in water
2 Tablespoons of Mayo
1 Tablespoon of Pickle Relish (sweet or dill to your taste)
salt and pepper to taste

Combine ingredients in a bowl and toss lightly.  You don't want to stir to much or your tuna will break apart.

I put my Tuna salad on some Jimmy John's Day Old Bread, covered with mozzarella cheese and broiled it in the toaster oven.  Top with some tomatoes and more pickles and enjoy!

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