Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crockpot Mixed Fruit Butter

Being a part of a Harvest Co Op, I love having a variety of fruit on hand.  I had planned on this being like an applesauce, but overcooking here was a wondrous thing!  Fruit butters are great on fresh baked biscuits in the morning, or I put this great concoction inside an amazing coffee cake, which I'll be sure to post soon.

Crockpot Mixed Fruit Butter
4 Pears
4 Apples
4 Peaches
Lemon Zest Peeling
2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
Cinnamon/Allspice to your taste

I used my small crockpot, so this filled it up perfectly.  If using a standard sized Crock, you should consider doubling the recipe.

Place all ingredients into the Crockpot and cook on low.  4-6 hours should give you a nice apple sauce type consistency.  8-12 hours will give you a gloriously brown, carmelly butter.  I use a whisk when I stir the mixture, which breaks down the fruit to a nice slightly chunky consistency.

Remember, you can't burn the butter in a crock, it will just caramelize more and more!  Just don't forget to stir every few hours.

Once to your desired doneness, spoon into sterilized jars.  If processing, wipe the rims, seal and boil in your canner according to your elevation.  You may freeze this butter which should last up to 6 months in a frozen state, or place in the fridge to be used within 2 weeks.

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