Thursday, January 24, 2013

Smart Phone App Endorse Offers 1/24/13

Endorse Offers - 1/24/13

  • Free mobile app for you iPhone or Android
  • Get personalized product offers from leading consumer brands
  • Earn from 10% to 100% cash back on you purchase
  • Upload an image of your receipt and get cash back
  • Use it every time you shop, anywhere you buy
New offers are released every Thursday!  You can cash out your earning at any time to your paypal account or once you reach $25, they will send you a check.
Some deals offer even more of an incentive back if you share them on Facebook.  If you see that a friend has shared a deal on Facebook, you can claim it for you to use as well.  Members are offered different deals based on their buying habits, so share often! 
Below is a list of what you may be offered this week:

  • Up to 50% back on Zatarain's (limit $3)
  • Up to 50% back on Old Bay Seasoning (limit $2.50)
  • Up to 50% back on Mountain Dew 2 liter bottles (limit $1.50)
  • Up to 50% back on Any Diapers (limit $5)
  • 30% back on SoBe 0 Calorie Lifewater (limit $3)
  • 20% back on Quaker Whole Hearts Cereal (limit $2.50)
  • 20% back on Diet Sierra Mist 2 liter bottles or 12 pack cans (limit $1.50)
  • 10% back on Yoplait Yogurt 6 oz. Cups (limit $3)
  • 30% back on Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks (limit $5)
  • 10% back on Any Brand Laundry Detergent (limit $2)
  • 10% back on Any Brand Crackers (limit $1.50)

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